The 2nd International Printing Technology Symposium will be held in October 2017 in Istanbul by Marmara University’s Department of Printing Technology, a part of the School of Applied Sciences.


This symposium covering all aspects of printing and print media technology will be held every 2 years, working with all branches of the printing industry – academic, supply and purchasing; in short if you are interested in any branch of printing you will find the latests developments which will make you more profitable and succesful in this symposium. In addition, if you are a student, you can benefit from the experience of companies and researchers and you can find a platform to be able to decide in which direction the industry is trending. The participants can participate either as solely audience members or by making an oral / poster presentation to this symposium.


The printing industry, as all others, is experiencing constant scientific innovation, leading to the expansion and development of our field into other industries. The 2nd International Printing Technologies Symposium will show you where and how to take the lead in the printing and media industry in the 21st century. Formerly, print and printing terms were classiclally understood as “to transfer images  onto paper” . However, significant changes have been observed in a variety of substrates and image transfer systems with current technological developments. So today,  different printing surfaces, new surface coatings, efficient and industrial-scale technologies such as multi-layered surface studies, development and methods have attracted the attention of both researchers and the commercial sector.

To adapt and focus on new technology has emerged as a necessity for the above reasons. The development of sustainable technologies and environmentally friendly products has gained importance in recent years. Hybrid systems used in printing technology, ecological and e-inks, environmentally sensitive substrates, printed electronics materials, digital printing methods, printed packaging and labeling technology and variable printings are all examples of new products and approaches that have emerged due to these developments.

These symposiums are an exclusive platform for the scientific institutions, the printing industry, other industries that support printing, and governmental  organizations and industry non-governmental organizations  to  come together to discuss and  share innovations and attempt to find solutions to problems. Our target is to create new projects and new synergies.

We believe that this symposium will be more benefical to both  academia and industry with your participation.

Thank you…

2nd International Printing Technologies Symposium Organization Committee

Assoc. Prof. Cem Aydemir
(Chair of the Organization Committee)